HSM2 Soundtrack! - how many chords 'till this song vomits up real love
gun plus gun equals bang bang bang
HSM2 Soundtrack!
So I found the HSM 2 soundtrack and i'm quite happy. AND my new curling iron i ordered came in! This week again has been quite blah. Next week we're going to Toronto which will be excited since I get to go shopping and thena fter we're going over the river to the States to go shopping.

In a way I'm KIND OF only kind of looking forward to school since I can see my friends everyday...hopefully. If I have good classes:S

Also did anyone follow the lonelygirl15 story? I'm sad that it's over well the new season started but *SPOILER* Bree's dead *END OF SPOILER* SO it's not the same.

Listening to: High School Musical 2 - Fabulous

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